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Hello everyone! I'm Amanda from Amanda's Education Consultancy. Also known as AEC.

I have been operating a consulting company for several years, and I specialize in placing foreign teachers with schools that are looking for high quality ESL instructors.

Many people have asked me some very interesting questions about this business in the past, and I thought I would share some of this with all of you.

Q - I see so many teaching jobs in china... how do i know which one is the right choice for me?

A - This is a difficult question, and it's also the most common one.You should know that China is a very quickly-changing country, and it is based on very old traditions and culture.This can be hard for some foreigners to adjust to, and it can cause a little bit of culture shock.
It's a good idea to be very clear about what you want, in order to find the right job.I can help you do it, if you contact me... we'll be able to go into detail.

Q - How do I know I will be safe and secure in China?
A - You can see that there have been many government and private businesses operating in China for many years now, and it's highly profitable for all parties to work with each other.Your safety and security are very important, and we take steps to make sure that the proper rules are followed.

Q - Do i need experience to teach in China?

A - This is a very common question, and the answer is very simple.
the best jobs will usually go to the teachers with experience, but there are many opportunities to start building your career.After gaining some experience, you'll quickly see that your options get better every time. My network of ESL training centers and schools will give you the advantage as well!

Q - What about the cost of living and making enough money to live in China?
A - You'll find out that the salary for foreign teachers can be quite rewarding for those who are willing to work hard and adapt to the culture.It's not hard to make a very comfortable living while working, and many foreign teachers in china have enjoyed additional benefits through their travel and relationships.

Q - What do i need to do to get started?
A - This is the easiest question... all you need to do is click on the link I've provided on this page, and follow the steps on my website to begin the process of applying for a job! I am glad to get your emails as well, and I hope to hear from you if you need to know some important information about getting a position in China.

Thank you for reading my website, and I hope to hear from you soon!
I'll be making updates from time to time, so please come back and visit... and be sure to email me if you want to be added to my list!